With every new season comes new cuts, prints, materials and a whole new colour palette. Shades are usually a limitless evolution but there’s always a hue or two that feel just right for now. Our collections showcase our take on every season’s biggest fashion trends, carefully chosen to suit every body.


As with clothing, when you pick the right shade you’ll make your skin glow and your eye colour really pop. Here’s how!

Skin colour divides broadly into two types – warm and cool.

But which one are you?

Take the Skin Test

Warm: Golden, copper and olive skin tones are generally complemented by a warm palette.

Cool: Pinker, white or ethereal skin tones are, unsurprisingly, usually cool. However, some deeper skin tones can be cool too.

The Hair Test

Golden, red and rich brown hair tones are generally warm, while pale blonde, silver, raven and mouse-y shades tend to be cooler.

The Eye Test

Do you have hazel, amber, gold/green or sea blue eyes? They’re all warmer types. If your eyes have any shade of grey – grey/blue, grey/green, grey/brown – they’re cool.

The Vein Test

Here’s a clever one. Look at the veins in your wrists. If they’re greenish, you’re a warm skin type. Blueish? It’s cool.

If you’re still not sure, put gold (warm) or silver (cool) paper or fabric next to your face. The right one will enhance your skin colour, while the other will make it look dull.

Once you’re worked out your type you can choose the shades you wear from the right palette.

While this is a guide, colour typing isn’t an exact science. And even when you get your type right, some colours will suit you better than others. So why not come in and speak to one of our expert lingerie stylists and find out which shades suit you best?

Cold Types look best with the following colours:

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Warm Types look best with the following colours:

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Stylists’ tip:
Many shades of blush

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