Shapes & Styles


Like women, bras come in all shapes. Whether you know what you like or you prefer to experiment, there is a ‘go-to’ shape for every body.

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Balcony bra

The French say, admiringly, 'il y a monde balcon' (literally, there's a crowd on the balcony). And a balcony bra gives real extra volume.

  • Usually square cut on the decolletage
  • Underwire is lower on the sides and deeper in the bridge
  • Straps tend to be slimmer and are set fairly wide apart
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Padded bra

  • Conceals the nipple
  • Lifts and shapes the breasts
  • Seamless or with flat invisible seams
  • Available in balcony, full cup, deep plunge or full coverage styles.
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T-shirt Bra

A t-shirt bra has no seams at all, giving a smooth line under all clothing, including, of course, t-shirts.

  • Moulded or non-moulded, with or without underwires - t-shirt bras come in plain fabric or with specially smooth lace that won't show under clothes
  • Gives a natural-looking round shape
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Full cup bra

Comfortable and easy to wear, a full cup bra is often the choice for women with fuller breasts

  • Covers the full breast with a wire that runs higher at the side
  • Usually comes with wider, more centred shoulder straps
  • Gives good uplift and all day comfort
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Comfort bra

  • Completely covers the breasts
  • Extra support above the cup
  • Suitable for less firm busts
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Strapless bra

  • Covers the entire breast
  • Removable straps
  • Padded cups
  • Silicon band on back panel
  • With straps removed - strapless, no straps can be seen
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  • Padded cups with extra padding in the lower cup
  • Extra uplift from padding
  • Cleavage enhancing shape
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Plunge Bra

As the name suggests, this is a low cut bra. What you might not know is it can give support.

  • The bridge (central piece between the breasts) is set low and is usually fairly narrow
  • Cups are slanted and straps set fairly wide apart

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Soft cup bra

Made without underwires, soft cups are perfect in different stages of our lives - as a first bra, during pregnancy, post surgery and while nursing.
Soft bras can also be worn as everyday bras.

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Nursing bra

  • Non padded bra with opaque cups used for breast feeding
  • Pretty and comfortable with a rounded shape
  • Extra band under the cups to provide extra comfort and support

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Sports bra

  • Complete coverage to prevent breast movement during exercise.
  • Seamless moulded cups in a firm fabric with strong side panels for extra support.
  • Wide padded straps provide stability.