Lessons In Lingerie

In a recent survey we commissioned involving 2,000 British women; we found that many of you only wear TWO pairs of bras on ‘heavy rotation’, despite owning multiple options. Not only that, but 3 in 10 of you have been wearing the same 2 pieces for over TEN years!

Interestingly, we discovered that one of the main reasons you felt this was due to a lack of available specialist expertise on what makes a good bra that not only fits, but also suits your lifestyle needs in terms of comfort, shape and style.

At Rigby & Peller we realise the importance of being able to offer the most accurate guidance on sizing and styling and also helping clients to understand the real benefits of their bras.

In this video Kelly Dunmore, our Chief Lingerie Stylist, talks you through her top tips for finding the perfect bras to compliment your shape, wardrobes and lifestyle to instil confidence and ensure comfort.