Ready, Set, Go! PrimaDonna Sport

Challenge yourself and your muscles, whether you’re doing a full body workout or training particular muscles. Your outfit is essential! Push your limits with our bras and workout collection, especially designed for you...



In terms of fit and comfort, the PrimaDonna sports bra outscores all other sports bras. A test panel with a cup size ranging from D to H, assembled by Portsmouth University, awarded our underwire bra the highest score: a 9 out of 10!

Patented construction.

✔ Wires encapsulate each breast separately for ultimate bounce-control and to give a beautiful shape. Bye bye 'uni-boob'!

✔ Comfortable, breathing materials that dry quickly!

Ultra soft materials.

PrimaDonna Sport The Sweater


  Super soft and smooth on the inside

  Cup in three parts

  Anti-chafing, supersoft elastic band avoids irritation

PrimaDonna Sport The Sweater

  Straps can be worn in straight option or in racer back

  Beautiful high back gives strong support

  Extra soft padded straps & closure

  Comfortable, breathing materials that dry quickly