Frequently Asked Questions


I am having problems using the website - how do I place an order?

If you are having problems using our website please contact us by email at so that we are able to help you to place your order.

I am trying to order on an iPad but I get a white screen when I try to checkout or pay. What can I do?

Make sure that Java is switched on and that Private Browsing is off, and then try to order again. Go into your advanced settings for Safari then switch JavaScript on. Switch Private Browsing on or off on the Safari page itself in the bottom left hand corner when you open a new page. If you still cannot order, please call customer services on the above number.

When adding a product to my shopping bag or wish list, is this product being reserved for me?

No it is not. We assign stock to orders when an order is successfully completed and registered at our website. Within a few minutes of a successful order check out, the order will be registered in our stock management systems. Only then will stock be allocated at your order.

During your session at our website, we will inform you on the stock availability. If you see 'limited stock' or 'last item', we highly recommend that you place your order quickly.

How can I see available sizes and colors?

From our website’s homepage, start navigating to a category, for example ‘Lingerie’ or subcategory which you select from a dropdown menu.

From this result page, you will see on the left side of the screen various filters, including size and color filters: you can select multiple filters. After each filter selection, the page will refresh publishing only those items that meet your filter choices.

Alternatively, you can navigate to a product detail page: you can use the color and size drop down menus to see the available colors and sizes.


What happened to Intimacy {Bra Fit Stylists}?

In September 2015, all Intimacy {Bra Fit Stylists} store were changed to Rigby & Peller Lingerie Stylists London to expand the brand in to the United States.

Will I still be able to use my Intimacy Gift Cards?

Yes! We will accept all Intimacy gift cards and promotional cards that have not expired at Rigby & Peller U.S. boutique locations.

Am I able to still use my Intimacy store credit?

Yes! We will accept all Intimacy store credits at Rigby & Peller U.S. boutique locations.


You used to have more brands online, where have they gone?

We pride ourselves on finding the best selection of lingerie for every woman. Our online collections represent a small portion of the assortment we have available in our boutiques. As we continue to update the selection of brands available on our website, you can always contact a boutique to place an order from a brand that is not currently available online. Visit Our Boutique Locator page today.

I want to see the briefs to match a bra - how do I do this?

There are two ways you can do this: If you click on the bra you will see other items in the range displayed below it - you will need to scroll down to view them. Alternatively, click on VIEW RANGE and this will show you all the matching briefs, other shapes of bra and any other products in the range (eg. bodies).
We also recommend you view the website in full screen mode as this will show you more of the page without having to scroll down. You can normally find this setting right at the top of the screen under VIEW - FULL SCREEN.

What do you mean by Instore Exclusives?

There are a number of in-boutique only exclusive products and offers you can get only at one of our brick & mortar location. Throughout the year, we will hand select styles that will be available; this rotating set of exclusives will reflect the breadth and diversity of the products that is available at that time of year in our region. You won't be able to order these on our website, but they'll be worth the drive. We promise!

How about the Online Exclusives?

Our Online Exclusives are highlights of their seasons as such we are able to carry a much wider selection of items for purchase. The focus is to give every woman an opportunity to find that perfect something that speaks to her and that she might have missed otherwise. Our online exclusives will allow us to go dive deep into our rich history – providing you with access to a depth of products we have never been able to share before online.

Are the colors shown on the website representative of reality?

All pictures shown on our website are shot at high resolution under light conditions that reflect normal daylight. Hence, colors are rendered in a very realistic manner. However, variations between garment colors and what you see on your screen may be affected by your screen settings.

I am not sure about my size

If you are not sure about your correct bra or panty size, please visit our 'Fit Guide'.

Can I make a wishlist with my favorite items?

Yes, you can. On every product detail page, you will see the button 'add to wish list': click this and the product will be added to your wish list.
In order to keep this wish list for future sessions, you need to register, which is possible even if you do not place an order.

To register, please use the 'Sign-In' button which appears at the top of every page on our website.
Once you are registered and signed-in, you are able to manage your wish lists. You can make multiple wishlist.

You can share wish lists with your contacts on an individual wish list level.


Can I save my Shopping Bag for a later session?

We can hold your Shopping Cart for you for a maximum period of 5 days.

To activate this functionality, you need to accept our Cookie Policy: click on the red triangle which appears in the bottom left corner - a window will then open explaining the advantages of our cookies: accept and close.

When you visit our website within 5 days using the same computer device, you will find your Shopping Cart intact.

Is there a minimum ordering amount?

We have no minimum ordering amount. However, we make deliveries free of charge when ordering over a certain amount which is clearly stated on the section 'Delivery' under Customer Service, on each product detail page and in the information line which appears under the navigation ribbon at the top of every webpage.

How will I know you received my online order?

Rigby & Peller will send you an automated email confirming your order has been placed (Acknowledgement of Receipt). If you have not received this email within one hour of placing your order, please call our customer service department to ensure that your order has been successful.

How can I cancel an order?

You can cancel an order up to the moment we have prepared your order to be picked in our warehouse. Once your order is being processed in our warehouse, you can no longer cancel your order.

To cancel your order, please go to the My Account > My Orders section on our website, or click here : you will find a 'Cancel Order' button: on click, a cancelation request will be sent to our order fulfillment system: you will receive an e-mail within 5 minutes confirming your order has been cancelled. If your order could no longer be cancelled, because it is in progress, you will receive an instant notification on the web page.

How can I change an order?

You cannot change orders on our Website. If you would like to modify your order, we advise you to cancel your order and place a new order.
Alternatively, you can email Customer Service. However, because we process orders extremely fast upon receipt, changes are only possible for a very short time. We highly recommend that you call Customer Service within 5 minutes of placing an order - see HELP for hours of operation. Outside of these hours or if Customer Service cannot be reached, we advise that you cancel your order and place a new order.


Can I redeem Rigby & Peller Gift Cards online?

Our gift cards can only be redeemed in one of boutique locations, and can therefore not be redeemed online.

We have a separate Rigby & Peller voucher can be redeemed online to purchase any of the products from our website and will be received the same day they are ordered by email.

There is a promotion on the online store, how can I use the promotion code and be sure my order meets the promotion requirements?

Promotions on our website are either announced via email or directly on the website. In both cases, we mention the promotion code.
When placing an order, at the checkout page where you are asked to fill in or confirm your delivery address, and payment method, you will also find an area where you can fill in a promotion code.

Once you have filled in the promotion code, in the next check out step you will see an order summary, mentioning all promotions that have been accepted by our system. Promotion codes are accepted when your order meets the promotion conditions.


How can I pay for an online order at Rigby & Peller?

This website accepts the following payment methods
- Credit and debit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
- Paypal
- Rigby & Peller eVoucher

When will my credit card or PayPal account be charged?

Your credit card or PayPal account will be authorized for the entire amount of the order at the time of purchase. The card or PayPal account will then be charged when the order is shipped. We will send you an email confirmation of your order once you have completed the order.

Is your website safe and secure with online security?

Rigby & Peller U.S. Online is provided with an SSL encryption system to protect all personal and payment data. To further protect our customers certain payment guidelines are in place. When placing an online order the following information is required to be correct: all billing information must match the information registered with your banking facility, the method of payment, CCV code and expiration date must match the card used for payment.

If you need immediate assistance placing an online order during normal business hours please feel free to contact our customer service at 1-800-668-1458.

Is it safe to use my credit card and debit card to Rigby & Peller online shop?

Yes. To help ensure that your shopping experience is safe, simple and secure, Rigby & Peller uses the industry standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. This encrypts and protects the critically sensitive details you send us over the internet including your name, address and credit card details. This encryption ensures that nobody can read the information being sent between your pc and our website.

SSL technology not only encrypts information, it also assures your browser that your data is being sent to the correct and secure computer server and it also checks the data being transferred to ensure that it has not been altered in any way.

When you enter an SSL enabled area of the site you will see a padlock at the bottom of your browser. This means that the information you enter here is protected.

If you are enrolled in the Visa Secure or MasterCard Secure programs, you will also need to enter your password to complete your transaction.

Has my payment been accepted?

After you have successfully closed your checkout phase, you will receive an order confirmation email.

However, this is not confirmation that we have successfully processed your payment. For credit and debit card payment methods, it may happen that we do not obtain payment authorization from your bank. Usually, the denial of a payment authorization occurs within 1 business day from the time you placed an order. If payment authorization is denied, we will cancel your order and inform you via an automated mail.

Why has my payment been rejected?

There are a number of reasons this may have occurred so you should carefully check the details you have entered and try again. Remember, the billing address you enter must match the address that your bank or credit card issuer has on record for you, otherwise your transaction may be declined by our Payment Service Provider even if your bank has authorized payment.

We do not take payment from you until the goods are shipped; however the funds will be reserved in your account at point of order so you may still see this on your bank statement even if we have not received payment. If the payment is rejected it will take approximately 4 business days for this authorization code to drop off and release the funds again.

If you have checked and entered your details again, please contact either your card issuer or our customer services team for help. Do not enter your details multiple times as this may prevent your funds from being released for other transactions.


Can you ship outside of the US?

At this time Rigby & Peller US online cannot process international credit cards or ship outside of the U.S.

How much do you charge for delivery?

Please see the section Delivery for applicable rates.

How quickly will my order arrive?

Please see the section Delivery for complete information on delivery lead times.

Can I choose my delivery method?

The only delivery method we provide is through our preferred partner UPS.

Can I choose my delivery address?

Yes, your delivery address does not need to match your billing address.
One exception: we cannot deliver to a Rigby & Peller boutique.
You can keep multiple delivery addresses in your account profile.

What happens if I am not present at the delivery address during the first delivery attempt?

If you are not present at the first delivery attempt – the UPS driver will provide a notice of delivery attempt for you; informing you that your package has been delivered to the closest UPS Access Point™ to the delivery address. The address of the UPS Access Point™ will be provided.

At that time you will be responsible for the pick-up of the item.

If you have UPS My Choice™ you can request the package be redelivered at a time more convenient for you.

Can you deliver to a UPS Access Point™?

Yes we can deliver to any UPS Access Point of your choosing.

Please also see our section Delivery.

Can you deliver my online order in a Rigby & Peller boutique?

No we cannot deliver your package to a Rigby & Peller boutique. However, you can have your order delivered at any other address: at your home, at your office or to a friend or neighbor.

How do I track my package?

Once you have successfully placed your order, you will receive a Shipping Confirmation e-mail. This e-mail includes a UPS tracking link: you will be directed to the UPS website where you can follow the status and expected delivery of your package

Can I choose the delivery date?

We regret you cannot choose your delivery date with our current system. If you register for UPS MyChoice via their website, you will have more options; however registration may take several days so you should only register if you plan to use this function regularly.

Can you inform me on the status of my order’s delivery?

Once you have successfully placed your order, you will receive a Delivery email. This mail includes a UPS Track & Trace link: you will be directed to the UPS website page where you can follow the status and expected delivery of your parcel.

My order has not arrived what should I do?

Very occasionally, packages do get lost in transit. We are asked by our couriers to wait a total of fifteen business days before we can claim the package as lost. A package may arrive on the last day of this period, so a late order is not always a lost order.

If the order does not arrive within that time frame and the error can be traced to Rigby & Peller we are happy to replace the order at no charge to you.

Please note that if your package has been delivered to and signed for at the specified delivery address, Rigby & Peller cannot be held responsible and will be unable to replace the items.


Can I return an item that I do not like?

Yes you can an item you purchased online and you do not like it. Please see our Returns section under our Terms & Conditions for full details on returns.

Can I return it to a Rigby & Peller boutique?

No. We cannot accept any online order return at any Rigby & Peller boutique. You will need to return your package

Please see our Returns section for instructions on how to return goods to us.

How do I return one or more items?

We have made returning easy. Please see our Returns section for full instructions.

How do I know you received my return shipment?

See the returns documentation included in your package for full details. Please see our Returns & Refunds section for guidelines.
You should receive an e-mail from us confirming the status of your return within 14 business days from the date you shipped your return.

In case you have not received such an e-mail, please contact Customer Service.

How do you refund my return shipment?

We will refund you via the same payment method which you used when placing your order. For more details please visit the Refund section.