Lingerie Styling

Why A Lingerie Stylist?

There comes a time in a woman's life when she craves a style of her own, and sometimes it's not only what looks good on the outside that matters.

Lingerie is normally the last thing we think about but the first piece we put on.
We believe that lingerie is the first layer of confidence,
that great style is achieved through combining the look of a woman with her personality.
That’s why when you visit our boutiques, you are matched with a Lingerie Stylist, whose singular mission is
to determine your best style by getting to know the real you.



Expert Lingerie Style Tailored For You

Our teams are trained experts in multiple areas of fit & fashion that pertain
exclusively to lingerie, swimwear & nightwear.

When you work with an expert in lingerie, she will help you
discover newness that you wouldn’t have found yourself.

We are trained in selecting shapes for your body, lines to flatter your silhouette
and shades to make you feel beautiful every day.

Since we look to lingerie for everyday wear, we are able to wardrobe you for everyday and life’s moments.



"I normally only wear nude lingerie.
My Lingerie Stylist introduced me to new styles and colors that I didn’t even think about.
And the service was amazing.
Now I don’t want to shop anywhere else.

- Molly T. , Chicago

Talk to our Digital Stylist today by calling 800-224-4501 & find your perfect fit.

You can also email for further information.

To schedule your Style & Fit appointment, simply call your nearest Rigby & Peller store or click here to go to our online reservation page.


Lingerie Styling is ...

A warm welcome  |  Professional measurement  |  Advice on style and cut, adapted to your preferences  |  A personal treat

 You should try it. And be sure to tell us your experience!