Your lingerie should fit perfectly and feel comfortable, with no straps cutting into you, no gaping and no pinching. It should make you look and feel happy, confident and fabulous.

Many women have trouble finding the perfect bra and although we can give you some useful tips, you should still try on the lingerie to be sure it fits correctly.

We therefore recommend that, although we sell our lingerie online, our online customers treat themselves to the Rigby & Peller Lingerie Styling experience and are correctly helped by one of our professional Lingerie Stylists.

We will not tell you how to measure your size here. Instead, we show you how to assess the fit of your bra by following a few simple checks.

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Fitting Tips:

- Move around in your bra when trying it on. Lift your arms above your head and make sure the band or the straps do not slip.

- Remember that there is no such thing as a definitive bra size. Your bra size can chenge many times during your lifetime, so we advise you to have a lingerie styling session at least every 6 months.

- Each bra is individual. Size will vary according to the style, size, fabric and cut of the bra, and differences in brands can sometimes lead to small differences in the size required.

- Most women have slightly different sized breasts, so when choosing a bra always fit to the largest side.

 We hope these tips will help you in finding the perfect fit.