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In terms of fit and comfort, the PrimaDonna sports bra outscores all other sports bras. A test panel with a cup size ranging from D to H, assembled by Portsmouth University, awarded our underwire bra the highest score: a 9 out of 10!

✔ Patented construction.

✔ Wires encapsulate each breast separately for ultimate bounce-control and to give a beautiful shape. Bye bye 'uni-boob'!

✔ Comfortable, breathing materials that dry quickly!

✔ Ultra soft materials.

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① Encapsulation

② Super soft and smooth on the inside

③ Cup in three parts

④ Anti-chafing, supersoft elastic band avoids irritation

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⑤ Straps can be worn in straight option or in racer back

⑥ Beautiful high back gives strong support

⑦ Extra soft padded straps & closure

⑧ Comfortable, breathing materials that dry quickly