5 ways to style a pareo

A pareo is an absolute must-have item for your holiday. Fashionable and versatile, it can be worn at the beach or at the bar, after you've taken a dip. The best part? You can wear a pareo in so many different ways. Discover our 5 favourite styles here!

1. Long wrap skirt

Wrap the pareo around your hips and tie it securely. You can wear the knot in the front or on your hip.
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2. Halter neck

Wrap the pareo behind your back. Take the end and cross them over your chest. Tie together at your neck.
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3. Twisted halter neck

Add an extra twist to your halter by twisting the ends together once in front of your chest before tying the ends together behind your neck.
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4. Knot in front

Wrap your pareo behind your back, making a double knot with the ends centred on your chest.
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5. Shoulder dress

Hold your pareo in front of you, pass 1 end under your armpit and bring over your shoulder. wrap the other end behind your back, bring under your armpit. Tie the two ends together at the front.
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