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Andres Sarda Swimwear SS24 Collection

AB Rinko - square

Andres Sarda Rinko

Rinko has a wonderful gradient print produced exclusively for us by our usual Italian printmaker. Exclusivity and beauty make a perfect tandem!

AB Rodero - square

Red, vital, youthful

Andres Sarda Rodero is a collection based on crêpe fabric from Spain, made using recycled fibres. It has a soft structure and dries easily!

AB Frances WIL - square

Andres Sarda Frances

Frances is available in just one colour: Wild, an animal print on a nude-like background for an extra realistic effect and a strong contrast with the plain black fabric.

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Andres Sarda SS24 Collection

Designed in Barcelona and it shows. Andres Sarda's collections are infused with Mediterranean vibes. They indulge you with bold designs, sensual materials and unexpected colour combinations. Every season.

AS Wolfe WIT - square


Elegant, sensual, fresh and captivating... This Andres Sarda Wolfe range has everything to become this season's Hero collection.

Our busts are constantly changing. We therefore recommend that you should be fitted at least once a year.

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AS Cindy - landscape


Comfortable with a beautiful feminine touch: Cindy in Gobi, a trendy colour that pairs perfectly with sheer clothing.

AS Eve - landscape

Andres Sarda Eve

The Eve collection is romantic and full of character thanks to the surprising design and flattering combination of two types of Leavers lace.

AS Nan ZWA - landscape

Trendy, fresh & summery

Andres Sarda Nan is a fabulous collection made from Leavers lace and elastic tulle. Sophisticated lingerie with an elegant floral pattern. Available in sexy black and Menorca blue.

AS Relang ZWA - landscape

Exceptionally refined and sensual

Andres Sarda Relang stands out thanks to its Swarovski details in a subtle contrasting colour and is finished with French silk for extra character and personality.

AS Turqueta - landscape

Andres Sarda Turqueta

This new variant of Turqueta is now available in Papaya: a fresh, elegant colour, totally in the style of Andres Sarda.

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