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Three types of romantic bridal lingerie

Which lingerie style suits you best? Now that you’ve found the perfect partner and the perfect dress, it’s time to find the perfect lingerie. This can be harder than it seems. On your big day, everything needs to be perfect. Everyone’s eyes are on you and your wedding dress, which will look even better with the right lingerie underneath. Bridal lingerie should be comfortable, especially if you have a larger cup size. So how do you find that magic combination? With the help of our experienced lingerie stylists, of course! We will help you find your perfect lingerie match. Like cupid, our arrow always flies straight.

Bridal lingerie: the corset

Women have been wearing corsets for centuries. This item was specially designed to create the perfect female silhouette. Hundreds of years later, it is still a stylish and highly effective lingerie item.

Corsets are made from rigid, non-elastic fabric that streamlines the tummy and waist. Some corsets sit just below the bust. They can be fastened with hooks at the front and ties at the back.

This classic lingerie style cinches in the waist, creating a slim and elegant hourglass figure. Corsets have a vintage touch and are feminine through and through. They look particularly stunning under classic wedding dresses. But... they’re not the most comfortable option.

Bridal lingerie: the body

Unlike a stiff corset, a body is soft and fits like a dream. This glamorous lingerie is making a successful comeback for several reasons. When you slip into a body for the first time, you’ll be instantly sold.

A body streamlines the entire torso and creates an elegant look with fluid lines. You can slip it over your head or step into it like a swimsuit. Easy-peasy! It’s also available in various styles, from seamless to full lace.

A high-quality body fits like a glove, creates a sensual look, streamlines the tummy, creates a feminine silhouette, and provides excellent support. In other words, it's the perfect bridal lingerie!

Bridal lingerie: the bustier

Introducing the bustier: the perfect combination of bra and corset. All of our bustiers have removable straps. This lingerie style looks great under strapless gowns and creates a stunning silhouette.

Bustiers have a built-in bra and look like a bra with a longer band. They cover the upper body, leaving the arms and shoulders bare. Bustiers have distinct underwire cups and vertical boning. Like a bra, a bustier can be fastened at the back.

Bustiers showcase the waist. This gorgeous lingerie style is perfect under a wedding dress with a fitted bodice and a flowy skirt. Fashion tip: wear a bustier as a top after your wedding!