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Why is a sports bra a must?

Why is wearing the right bra size so important? When you cycle or run, you put a lot of pressure on your breasts. Breasts consist of tissue and glands, meaning they lack the muscle mass needed to absorb shocks. That's why it's important to give them the right support. This prevents pain in your breasts, neck, and back. If you have doubts about the benefits of a high-quality sports bra, you've never worn one. The support, comfort, and sturdiness of a premium sports bra are unrivalled!

Why wear a sports bra?

When your body moves, your breasts move too. A regular bra is fine during low-impact activities, but it wasn't designed to absorb the shocks of running, jumping, and cycling. During a high-intensity workout, your breasts bounce in all directions, with no muscles to absorb these shocks. In no time, you could experience: · tears in your breast tissue · painful breasts · neck and back pain · chafing sores · sagging breasts As a result, you’re less likely to stick to your workout goals. Fortunately, the solution is simple: Invest in a supportive sports bra.

Sprint to the top in a supportive sports bra

Painful truth: Half of all women experience pain when they work out. Research has shown that a sports bra can reduce pain by up to 80%. Unfortunately, only 40% of women wear a high-quality sports bra. It's a myth that small-breasted women don't need a sports bra. Painful shocks can affect all breasts, from an A cup to a J cup. Do you wear a sports bra? Then your breasts will move with your body, thereby minimizing the chance of damage. It also increases: · comfort – thanks to the wide straps and soft material · enjoyment – thanks to the breathable fabric that wicks away moisture · enthusiasm – by shifting your focus to your progress instead of your painful breasts Want to learn more? The secret to an excellent sports bra is in four key features.

A good sports bra fits perfectly

There's a lid for every pot. When it comes to working out, that lid is... a sports bra! Do you have large breasts or small breasts? Do you love running or cycling? A good sports bra should fit perfectly, meaning it should be snug but not too tight. It also shouldn’t shift or chafe. What it should do is minimize up-and-down and side-to-side movement. Are you looking for the perfect workout buddy? Stop by one of our Lincherie boutiques and ask our lingerie stylists for advice.

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