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Meet our icon: PrimaDonna Deauville

PD - recoloration icon - Deauville Amour

The PrimaDonna Deauville is an ingenious bra that you’re sure to fall in love with. Thanks to the perfect fit, you’ll feel like it was custom-made. Specially designed to support large cup sizes, the Deauville is nothing short of exquisite.

Finding elegant, full-support bras for large cup sizes is notoriously difficult. It often seems like the only supportive bras on the market are purposefully designed to be dreary. But not anymore. At Rigby & Peller, we’ve made it our mission to provide beautiful, supportive bras for all cup sizes.

PrimaDonna is one of our most popular brands. They’ve been creating supportive bras for over 150 years, specialising in glamorous designs that offer full support for larger cup sizes. The Deauville is one of their all-time bestsellers. Made from over 45 individual parts, it comes in no less than 69 different sizes. The unique three-piece cup enables a highly specific fit.

PD DEAUVILLE WIT full cup main

Supportive, elegant and oh so comfy

The importance of a well-fitting bra should not be underestimated. Bras that are too tight cause all sorts of pain—from straps that dig in and mark the skin, to ongoing neck and shoulder troubles, and even damaged breast tissue. Fortunately, the Deauville fits so well that you completely avoid these problems.

With smooth seams that are soft on the skin, the straps and back panel create a distinctive U-shape on your back. It offers unrivalled support and stops the straps from falling off your shoulders. And the unique three-part cups lift and centre your breasts, giving you the support you need while creating a beautiful silhouette.

PD Icon - Deauville - Did you know landscape

Full support in fashionable designs

The PrimaDonna Deauville is available in a wide range of colours and styles. The designs range from lingerie basics to truly stunning showstoppers. There’s a perfect bra for every occasion. Each with subtle, shimmery embroidery on the cups and straps that creates a magical dance of light.

Every Deauville is infused with a regal elegance that brings out your inner queen. The only question left to ask is: which design will be your first?