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Stunning and supportive bras with large cup sizes

When you wear large cup sizes, finding supportive bras that fit feels like a never-ending quest. And often, bras that do come in larger sizes seem to be designed with functionality as their only aesthetic. Despite a strong demand in the market, it often seems like full-support bras with beautiful designs are nothing more than a myth.

But it’s time for all that to change. At Rigby & Peller, we make sure every woman is able to find exquisite bras that fit perfectly and give them the support they need.

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Large bra sizes are in higher demand than ever before

In recent years, the average cup size that women wear has actually increased. It’s believed this is being influenced by increasing prosperity, dietary changes and perhaps even hormonal factors. But regardless of why this is happening, it is happening. Women—including young women—who wear D, E and F cups are no longer the exception, they’re the norm.

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Why is it important to have supportive bras for large cup sizes?

The most important aspect of any bra is the fit. Did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? Bras that fit poorly have straps that pinch, underwire that digs in and cups that don’t encase or support the breasts. And the discomfort doesn’t disappear when the bra is taken off. Over time, ill-fitting bras can cause painful back and shoulder problems.

That’s why it’s so important to invest in high-quality, supportive bras—it doesn’t just make you more comfortable now, it’s an investment in a better future for your body.

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Trust PrimaDonna for full support

PrimaDonna has been specialising in lingerie for large cup sizes for over 150 years. They offer full-support bras for large breasts that are enhanced with elegance and beauty.

Every PrimaDonna bra is available in more than 69 different sizes, and on average, they’re made from over 45 individual pieces. The difference between sizes is sometimes only a millimetre, and this eye for detail is how they’re able to fit different bodies so well that each bra feels custom-made.

Our PrimaDonna bestseller is the three-piece cut. Completely covering your breasts, it creates a smooth, rounded shape. Double-fabric cups offer you an extra boost, and side panels give you a fuller figure.

Your cleavage deserves to be celebrated. A three-piece cut with elastic lace on the upper part of the cups—like the Madison and Deauville —is the perfect choice. The elastic lace perfectly adapts to your body’s shape to create a stunning and even silhouette—even if your breasts are slightly different sizes.