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Lingerie styling

80% of women wear the wrong bra size! How about you? Discover what lingerie styling can do for you.

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The right bra size can do wonders

Can’t wait to take your bra off at night? Then there's a good chance you haven’t found your ideal lingerie match yet.

Our solution: finding your perfect bra size. This will help you avoid straps that dig in or slip off, painful underwires, and cups that pinch and poke.

Find out whether you're wearing the right bra size in 6 easy steps.

“I had a 40-year-old client who had never seen a stylist before. She was insecure and took some convincing at first, but as soon as she found her perfect bra size and style, she looked and felt like a new woman!”

- lingerie stylist Miriam -
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Personal and expert styling advice in our boutiques or online

Our lingerie stylists follow an extensive training programme to learn how to determine the right size, fit, colour, and more.

Their years of experience and expert advice can help you find the perfect lingerie match to flatter your figure and suit your style.

Personal service is our top priority. Our lingerie stylists take the time to create a personal styling experience for you at one of our boutiques or provide you with custom advice during a private online styling session. The choice is yours!

“Our bodies are constantly changing. That’s why we recommend getting measured every year.”

- Tip from our lingerie stylists -