⭐️SALE: Further discounts! ⭐️Shop here

⭐️SALE: Further discounts! ⭐️Shop here

All bra sizes on sale: from A cup to K cup

Rigby & Peller is treating you to incredible sale prices. Our three brands – PrimaDonna, Marie Jo, and Andres Sarda – design luxury lingerie. Each bra is a unique work of art, consisting of at least forty separate components that have been perfectly tailored to ensure a superior fit. The result is stunning. Our collections are available from an A cup to a K cup. All of our bras are on sale now. Find your perfect lingerie match for up to 30% off.

Are you wearing the right bra size?

Research has shown that four out of five women wear the wrong bra size. That's far too many! All women deserve to wear a bra that fits like a dream. The right bra can make a world of difference. Each of our high-quality bras consist of at least 40 different components, which only differ by a few millimetres in each size. This is what makes it fit like a custom bra created just for you. The right bra guarantees:

  • optimum support
  • maximum comfort
  • a stunning look

Unsure about your bra size? Struggling with a fit issue? Our lingerie stylists would be happy to help by taking your measurements and solving your fit problem. Get ready to find your perfect lingerie match. Good news: all of our bra sizes are now on sale, from A cup to K cup. This is the perfect opportunity to discover our luxury lingerie brands!

Shop your perfect bra size

The right bra size not only creates incredible cleavage, it's also good for your health. A bra that fits perfectly helps to prevent neck pain, back pain, and headaches. Wearing the wrong bra size for years can even cause poor posture, especially if you have larger breasts. All good reasons to wear lingerie that fits like a dream. Order now! Enjoy up to 30% off select items.

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