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Discover our 9 bikini types

Want to know which bikini style is most flattering on you? Our lingerie experts explain nine bikini types and answer all your summer questions. What was the triangle bikini named after? What’s the difference between a plunge bikini and a push-up bikini? What styling effect does a balcony bikini create? Dive into the wondrous world of bikinis. If you prefer swimsuits, discover our different swimsuit styles.

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1. Full-cup bikini

A full-cup bikini offers full coverage and excellent support. This type of bikini makes you feel confident and comfortable, especially if you have larger breasts.

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2. Padded bikini

This type of bikini has rounded, pre-formed cups with padding and underwire. Pre-formed bikinis feel supportive and comfortable and create an elegant look.

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3. Non-padded bikini

Fashionistas love this ultra-feminine bikini style. The soft fabric makes it feel like you're not even wearing a bikini and your breasts fill the entire cup. The result? This style shows off the batural shape of your breasts.

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4. Balcony bikini

The cups of a balconette bikini run straight across your breasts, hence the name. The horizontal lines accentuate your breasts in an elegant way while providing optimum support. Many women love the vintage look of this style.

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5. Plunge bikini

A plunging bikini creates full cleavage for a sensual and feminine look with a playful touch. It showcases your bosom and accentuates all the right places. Bring on summer!

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6. Push-up bikini

Many women with a smaller cup size prefer push-up bikinis. Why? The pre-formed cups have extra padding for optimum support and a natural lift.

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7. Tankini

If you're looking for a bit more coverage, a tankini is perfect. This two-piece swimsuit covers the top of your tummy until just above the bikini briefs.

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8. Triangle bikini

Triangle bikinis were named for their shape. The bikini top is shaped like a – you guessed it – triangle! This style has become increasingly popular over the years. It provides good support and creates a natural lift. The ties at the neck and back add a playful touch and are ideal for avoiding tan lines!

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9. Strapless bikini

A strapless bikini top is super-stylish and gives your breasts the support they need thanks to a sturdy back band. With removable straps for an even tan with no tan lines!