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Which of these 12 bra styles is for you?

Each bra style has its own characteristics and style effects. That’s why it's important to choose the right bra for your shape. Good news: our collection was designed with consideration for women with a larger cup size.

Complete your look with a matching brief to your bra.

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1. Full-cup bra

Full-cup bras cover most if not all of your breast. The straps are set closer together to prevent slipping. The cups lift and center the breasts. This type of bra is comfortable, provides excellent support, and looks great under all outfits. In other words: the perfect bra for larger breasts.

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2. Pre-formed bra

The cups are smooth and seamless. Each reinforced cup consists of a single piece of fabric. Most of these bras have underwire. The pre-formed cups are soft and comfortable.

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3. Non-padded bra

The cups have no padding or foam lining. The bra was designed to follow the natural curve of the breast. If you’re looking for a natural and feminine fit, look no further!

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4 . Balcony bra

The cups are cut lower and offer less coverage. The horizontal line looks gorgeous under low-cut tops and dresses. The cups on our bras have padding and the straps are beautifully centered and not set wide, as with most other balcony bras.

Balcony bras lift the breasts and create irresistible cleavage. The reinforced cups offer optimum support.

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5. T-shirt or seamless bra

This style was originally designed to be worn under T-shirts. It is completely smooth and seamless. The cups have lightweight padding or 3D fabric lining. These bras are invisible under fitted clothes. The striking prints and trendy straps in our collections add interest to a timeless classic and make them a flirty addition to your lingerie drawer!

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6. Bralette

The cups are not pre-formed, there is no underwire, and the most common fabric is lace. PrimaDonna bralettes do have underwire for extra support. There is also a sturdy band under the cups.

A bralette is light, flirty, and feminine. Today's hottest trend? Pairing a bralette with a stylish blazer or bomber jacket.

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7. Wireless bra

Despite having no underwire, this style provides excellent support in all cup sizes. The secret? The sturdy band. This bra has an incredible fit. The cups lift your breasts and the band provides great support. The effect? Gorgeous, feminine cleavage.

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8. Strapless bra

Despite having no straps, our strapless bras provide excellent support all the way up to an H cup thanks to the padded cups and the extra-sturdy elastic band at the back.

This style is a must-have under a sleeveless top or a halter top. If you have larger breasts, choose a high-quality bandeau bra for the right support.

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9. Deep-plunge bras

The cups are cut extra-low. This style features sturdy materials and an ingenious pattern construction to create magnificent lift. Wow! Get ready for some serious cleavage. This style is the feminine through and through. The perfect bra under a low-cut blouse or top.

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10. Push-up bra

The cups have extra padding to push breasts up and together. Some bras have removable padding. The effect: larger breasts and more dramatic cleavage.

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11. Sports bra

Sports bras are specifically designed to minimize bounce. The sturdy cups support the breasts completely and the bra is made from soft fabric that dries quickly. Sports bras have one mission: to provide maximum support and comfort. PrimaDonna’s sports bras also create a gorgeous silhouette, making them a must-have for all sporty women.

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12. Nursing bra

The PrimaDonna Twist nursing bra has a unique, patented design and is available up to a J cup. It has removable underwire, sturdy padded cups, an elastic inner bra, and a special pocket for nursing pads. It can also be opened with just one hand. This bra makes it easy to feed your baby comfortably and discreetly. It’s super-comfortable, prevents cracked nipples and mastitis, and makes you look and feel your best!

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