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Four types of briefs: discover your perfect brief style

Have you ever felt the power of a matching lingerie set? A matching bra and brief will have you feeling confident and will complement your beautiful figure in the best way!

Apart from our different bra styles we carry 4 different brief styles. Allow us to give you a ‘brief’ overview, because finding the right fit is more important than you think. All briefs have their own look and comfort level.

Do you know the difference between Rio briefs and high-waisted briefs? Do you know when to wear hot pants? Or which briefs are most flattering for your figure? It's time for a brief introduction:

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1 – Rio briefs

Rio briefs are your ‘standard’ underwear. They sit right at the hips and have full coverage at the back with higher-cut legs. Our collection of rio briefs has something for everyone, from smooth and seamless to feminine lace and tulle. You name it! Rio briefs create an elegant silhouette. They can be worn with all bra styles. The look is timeless and feminine. Rio briefs are perfect for any occasion.

PD Madison FDP - highwaist briefs - square

2 - Full briefs

High-waisted briefs streamline your tummy and waist. They also offer more coverage at the back than traditional Rio briefs. Many women love the elegant cut of the legs. The extra fabric at the tummy and waist feels wonderfully comfy, especially when paired with a tailored dress.

High-waisted briefs have a vintage look to them. They look great with a balcony bra or a triangle bra. If you like lingerie with a bit more coverage, you’ll love high-waisted briefs.

MJ Jadei OAI hotpants - square

3 - Shorts and hot pants

Shorts have more leg coverage and offer full coverage at the back. They sit at the hips and have a young look with a retro touch. Our comfortable shorts are perfect under fitted outfits, as the delicate finish makes them totally invisible. Choose comfort in stylish shorts.

The legs on hot pants are slightly shorter than those on shorts. The result? A hint of skin at the back. Hot pants sit at the hips and are extremely comfortable. They're also feminine with a retro touch. This style looks great with any bra. Perfect under fitted skirts and pants.

TW Glass Beach thong - square

4 - Thongs

Thongs have a T-shape and are cut extra-high at the front and offer no coverage at the back. If thongs are your thing, check out our luxury thongs with stunning lace and embroidery. This style is completely invisible under clothing and is incredibly feminine. The high cut of the legs creates an elegant silhouette. Looks gorgeous with a balcony bra. This is the perfect lingerie under fitted outfits. If you bought a stunning bodycon dress or fitted pants, a thong is the perfect pairing. You decide!


“Always buy two different briefs to pair with your bra: a bra can be worn a couple of times before being washed so you will always have a matching set! For example, you could choose a rio brief to wear under your favourite jeans plus a thong to wear underneath a fitted dress… meaning every outfit is catered for!" - Lingerie stylist Suzanne

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