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6 lingerie styling tips for your party outfit!

So what's the secret to a successful party outfit for the holiday season? It's the perfect party-proof lingerie inconspicuously doing its work underneath!

Your lingerie isn’t only the foundation for your whole outfit, but also sets the tone for the whole day. Because we know that if your matching set is in sync with your style and look, you’ll feel more confident.

Style your outfit this festive season with our 6 styling tips and inspiration from the Rigby & Peller stylists to ensure you make the right choice.

Need more tips on how to style your lingerie this festive season? Discover our festive guide or make an appointment at your nearest Rigby & Peller boutique.

1. Which lingerie should you wear under a blazer?

A body is the perfect lingerie-item under a blazer. It gives you a sexy party look and boosts your confidence.

2. What lingerie should you wear with a deep neckline?

Got a dress or top with a deep neckline for your festive parties? Opt for a plunge or push-up bra. A plunge bra centres your bust and emphasises your cleavage. A push-up creates the illusion of a fuller bust.

3. Which bra should you wear under your little black dress?

Are you planning to wear a little black dress for your festive parties? The shape of the neckline of your dress determines which bra style you should pick: ​

  • ​High neckline: full cup bra

  • Rectangular neckline: balcony or plunge bra.​

  • V-neckline: plunge or push-up bra​

  • Strapless: strapless bra​

4. Which lingerie suits an open back?

Are you wearing a top or dress with an open back? Don't be afraid to show off your lingerie and wear it as a fashion accessory!​

Choose a bra with pretty details on the back, crossed straps or a longline in lace.

5. What lingerie should you wear under a sheer blouse?​

Make your lingerie part of your outfit and match your lingerie with the colour or prints of your outfit. 

6. Which bra should you wear with spaghetti straps?

Show off those straps! Opt for a bra with pretty and detailed straps. Or for a more minimal look, choose a strapless bra.

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