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Brazilian panties

Refine your look with our Rio panties for timeless elegance and unmatched comfort.

Perfect fit luxurious Rio briefs for every modern woman

Slip into a pair of Rio briefs and enjoy the pure luxury that comes from lingerie at Rigby & Peller. Flattering, beautiful and with soft edges to reduce line visibility through clothing, these briefs easily take your foundation garments to the next level through good structural design, prioritising a beautiful look and using quality fabrics. Perfectly adaptable for everyday usage and easy to mix with stunning matching lingerie lines, Rio briefs add that something special to every outfit choice.

Timelessly-shaped Rio panties for a youthful spring in your step

A lingerie staple, Rio panties elevate your lingerie wardrobe with an essential item that has the flexibility to be worn with more elegant outfits such as evening dresses as easily as with a pair of workout leggings or jeans. Ideal for the woman that wants full coverage without losing sensuality, what sets Rio briefs apart from standard panties is their nod towards a fashion-forward approach to lingerie. With a youthful and modern edge, they maintain a stunning sensuality whilst never losing comfort. Our collection is led by experts in the lingerie world, Jo Marie, PrimaDonna and Andres Sarda, who effortlessly mix quality craftsmanship with elegance and class to bring you that perfect fit in every pair of Rio briefs, shorts, full briefs and Italian briefs, amongst many others items.

Feel confident in the Rigby & Pellers Rio briefs collection

When you know your silhouette is structured from the foundation upwards with a perfectly-shaped frame, your confidence levels naturally soar. With your intimate wardrobe packed with the power of quality from Rigby & Peller, you will feel unstoppably empowered and gorgeous every day of the week. Browse this comprehensive collection of colors and patterns in every imaginable fabric and stock up on lingerie that is not only functional, but naturally elegant and beautiful in every way.