Our Icons are our Lingerie must haves, our best known styles. Fashion may come and go, but there are some Essentials which stand the test of time and will always be popular.

Timeless sophistication with our Icons lingerie collection

Spoil yourself with the Icons collection of lingerie from Rigby & Peller that speaks to the heart of every modern woman. Age-defying style and timeless in beauty, our Icons collection boasts garments that have stood the test of time in terms of taste and boast great popularity amongst our global lingerie connoisseurs. With top designs by lingerie experts PrimaDonna and Marie Jo, you know that when you opt for our Iconic lingerie, you will be wearing the best quality possible. Add that sparkle of glamour, enjoy supportive and comfortable garments, or gift yourself some classic lingerie from the Icons collection.

Our Icons collection has lingerie for every occasion

No matter whether you are looking for a bra to give you a boost or a bralette for natural comfort, our Icons lingerie collection has you covered. A wide selection of garments including all kinds of bras, bodies, panties and so much more, Rigby & Peller invite you to build your outfit with the right foundation and step out with radiant confidence. Create a strong silhouette with form-fitting bodies, or be free with a delicate non-padded plunge bra. Be boosted in all the right places with underwired and push-up bras and enjoy quality panties made from the finest fabrics. Our Icons collection contains lingerie that works with your lifestyle and elevates you where necessary, whilst still remaining true to your authentic self.

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Beauty from beneath with the confidence of stunning lingerie

When you wear lingerie that’s been created with top craftsmanship, you know that you are giving yourself that gift of glowing inner confidence. Choose classic nude color combinations for softer outfits and moods and strike a bolder note with electric colorings or bold patterns when you feel like shining bright. Step into a world of timeless beauty with the Rigby & Peller Icons collection of luxury lingerie and make each day your own.