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In the spotlight: Breast changes during and after pregnancy

As soon as you get pregnant, your body starts preparing for the arrival of your baby. As your baby grows, so do your breasts. The sudden flood of hormones can make your breasts and nipples sore and sensitive. The good news is that this discomfort usually goes away after a few months. But all women are different. Your breasts may only start to grow after you give birth. One thing's for sure: As soon as your milk comes in, your breasts will almost double in size. Fortunately, PrimaDonna has the perfect lingerie for all seasons of life.

Breast changes during pregnancy

If your bra is starting to feel a bit tight at around the twelve-week mark, it’s time to start looking for comfortable maternity lingerie. PrimaDonna’s comfy maternity bras are a godsend for growing breasts. How does a soft, wireless bra with extra-wide straps sound? Or a lightweight triangle bra in a breathable fabric?

If you need advice, make an appointment with a lingerie stylist at a Rigby & Peller boutique near you.

Breast changes towards the end of pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy, your breast will undergo incredible changes. While every woman is different, most can identify with at least some of the changes below:

  • Your nipples and areolas get bigger and darker

  • The little bumps on your areolas produce an oily substance that protects your nipples

  • Your breasts may itch and develop stretch marks due to their sudden growth

  • Your nipples may leak colostrum

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Your breasts may start to feel heavy or painful in your last trimester. Wear a lightweight sleeping bra for more comfort. If you’re exercising, buy a high-support sports bra to prevent pain and damage.

Another tip is to invest in a good nursing bra the month before your due date. Keep in mind that you may have gone up a cup size or two during pregnancy so make sure to get measured by a lingerie stylist. She can help you find your perfect size.

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Breast changes after pregnancy

After you give birth, your milk production will kick into high gear. This is when your breasts are at their biggest – not only because of all that milk that's being produced, but also due to an increase in blood flow. This is known as engorgement and can be uncomfortable but usually goes away within a few days. Over the next few weeks (and months and years), your body will find its own perfect balance. This process is different for all women. Our advice? Do your breasts a favor and treat them to a comfortable nursing bra.

If you're not planning on breastfeeding or if you only plan to breastfeed for a short time, it’s important to gradually reduce the number of feeds. Ask a lactation specialist for advice.