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Which sports bra should you buy?

A successful workout starts with the right workout gear. Choose a sports bra that fits your body and your preferred sport. · Are you a gym rat? · Are you a cycling fanatic? · Are you training for your first marathon? Your preferred sport determines the degree of bounce your breasts have to endure. It also determines the type of sports bra you need. Your search for the perfect sports bra starts here. Ready, set, go!

1 – “Let’s get physical, physical!”

Strength training, running, cycling: You do it all. You're the queen of the gym. These days, you can work out in the comfort of your own home or backyard. Perfect! When you move, your breasts move in all directions. Unfortunately, breasts don't have muscles to absorb this impact. That’s why a supportive sports bra is a must, especially for women with a larger cup size. All sports bras are made from ultra-performance materials and provide extra support and comfort.

Discover your perfect fitness bra.

2 – “I want to ride my bicycle!”

Do you regularly work up a sweat on your spin bike? Do you hit the trails every week on your mountain bike? Or do you brave the elements and hit the pavement on your race bike? Cycling is cool, no matter how you get the wheels turning! But biking can take its toll on your breasts. Ouch! Painful, sagging breasts is the perfect recipe for a tortuous ride. The solution? Invest in a supportive sports bra. The right lingerie can help you take your ride to the next level.

Shop for your favorite cycling bra.

3 – “I’m gonna run to you!”

Running is healthy. It’s good for your immune system and your mental health. Do you love the encouragement of supportive fans? “You can do it! Don’t give up!” While this can definitely help you push harder, do you know what else can impact your motivation? Your breasts! Painful breasts can zap the fun of a workout, especially if you have a larger cup size. Give yourself the best support by wearing a sturdy sports bra designed specifically for running. This will help prevent painful, sagging breasts and permanent damage down the line. So, invest in a support running bra.