Lingerie secrets revealed:

What body type do you have?

Discover your ideal lingerie match!

Whether you are an hourglass, rectangle, octagon, apple or inverted triangle, we have the perfect style tips for you.

Our lingerie stylists reveal which lingerie best lets your natural beauty shine. Get to know your body type and find the lingerie that suits you.

Get inspired and feel confident in every outfit.

RET - Body types - Apple


An elegant body or a wire bra with high-waisted briefs put your body type in the spotlight.

RET - Blog body types - Hourglass


A balcony bra with lace can do wonders for your figure.

RET - Body types - 8 shape

8 shape body

Accentuate your slim shoulders and waist. Halter tops really show off your waist.

RET - Body types - Rectangle


Have fun with prints and details. Choose a set with some extra oomph.

RET - Body types - Inverted triangle

Inverted triangle

Accentuate your hips. Keep your upper body simple and clean with a balcony bra.

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