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⭐️SALE: Further discounts! ⭐️Shop here

Radiate with confidence on vacation in high-waisted bikinis

Planning a vacation? Treat yourself with a set from Rigby & Peller's new [swimwear collection][1]. Choose an elegant [tankini][2], [bikini][3] or [swimsuit][4] from our luxury swimwear collections by [Marie Jo Swim][5], [PrimaDonna Swim][6] and [Andres Sarda Swimwear][7]. The swimwear designs are available in a variety of colors from neutral to nautical colors to trendy cheerful hues. Do you like prints? Explore the swimwear collection full of tropical floral prints, animal prints and timeless stripes and find the bikini set that suits you.

Not sure which style best suits your figure? Enjoy our trusted [lingerie][8] fits in the swimwear collection. In our selection of [bikini briefs][9] you'll find a flattering cut for every style. Our favorite: bikini full briefs also known as [high-waist bikini briefs][10]. Why choose a high waist bikini brief? The high waist highlights your hips and gives your swimwear a sexy seventies look. This style is ideal for various bodytypes. 100% stylish and comfort guaranteed!

Feel confident in high-waisted bikinis for women

Still not convinced about your next bikini set? Go for a high waist bikini brief! This high-waisted fit makes your legs look longer and accentuates your waist. This look streamlines your silhouette, so you will go on vacation with extra self-confidence. Pair your bikini set with our collection of [swimwear accessories][11] for the ideal beach-to-bar look!

Wear your swimwear on repeat!

Chlorine, sea salt, sun and frequent washing...Your swimwear has to put up with a lot. With [these tips][12], your new bikini or swimsuit will last extra long!

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