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Fit Advice: Asymmetric Breasts

Asymmetric breasts are completely normal. All women have different sized breasts. Remember that no body part is perfectly symmetrical. In fact, it’s perfectly normal for one breast or nipple to be larger than the other. These differences are more noticeable for some women than for others. Asymmetric breasts come in all shapes and sizes. And as cliché as it sounds, they're all beautiful. Really!

asymmetrical breasts

I’m looking for a way to minimize my uneven breasts

Do your asymmetric breasts bother you? Our clever lingerie tricks can help boost your confidence. With the right bra and our practical tips, no one will notice your breast asymmetry. Rigby & Peller can help you create the illusion of two perfectly symmetrical breasts.

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I’m looking for lingerie for my asymmetric breasts

Rigby & Peller can help all women find their perfect lingerie match. Do you have asymmetric breasts? Discover the camouflaging effect of our full-cup bras. PrimaDonna Deauville provides excellent support for women with asymmetric breasts. Whether you're playing with your kids or getting ready for a date, this three-piece underwire bra will make you feel beautiful and confident. The fit is legendary and the design is timeless. Give your confidence a boost and discover your perfect full-cup bra.


I’m looking for practical tips for my asymmetric breasts

The right bra can work wonders. Really! If you're unhappy with your asymmetric breasts, we have good news. Our Lingerie Stylists are happy to share their top lingerie tricks with you:

  • Bras don't come in two different cup sizes, so base your size on your largest breast
  • Wear a push-up bra that lifts your breasts. This will also minimize any asymmetry
  • Add a removable pad to the cup of your smaller breast