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Six lingerie style questions answered

Most women encounter style problems at some point. Fortunately, our lingerie stylists have the perfect answer to your burning style questions. Need styling advice? Our stylists would be happy to help! It makes them truly happy to see you cry happy tears after finding the perfect bridal lingerie or watching you jump for joy at discovering the perfect strapless bra for larger breasts. In this blog they share their solutions to six common style issues. Because the right lingerie can work wonders.

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Style issue 2 – The perfect cleavage

All women want to achieve the perfect amount of cleavage. Unfortunately, this is a common bra problem for most women. Which bra creates the right effect? Try a:

  • plunging bra
  • heart-shaped bra
  • balcony bra If you have larger breasts, you can't go wrong with a full-cup bra.

If you want to achieve a specific effect, stop by a Rigby & Peller boutique near you and ask a lingerie stylist for advice.


Style issue 3 – The strapless dress

What kind of bra should you wear under a stylish bandeau top or strapless dress? The perfect strapless bra, of course! Our collection takes into account women with a larger cup size.

Marie Jo L'Aventure Louie

Style issue 4 – Seamless lingerie

A fitted dress calls for the right bra. Our seamless lingerie is the perfect choice, as it leaves no visible lines under your outfit. The right bra can flatter your figure beautifully.

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Style issue 6 – The right briefs

All briefs have their own look and comfort level. Finding the right fit is more important than you think. If you're looking for the perfect briefs to flatter your figure and your outfit, check out the genius style tips from our lingerie experts.