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Tips for new moms: When to buy a nursing bra?

What’s the best time to buy a nursing bra? When you first get pregnant? Towards the end of your pregnancy? After you deliver? And how many nursing bras do you need? These are the kind of questions new moms ask themselves every day. Good news: Our experienced lingerie stylists have the answers. Keep reading to find out!

Buy a nursing bra when your breasts are at their largest

Our advice? Start shopping for nursing bras at the end of your pregnancy. Why?

  • Your breasts are at their biggest

  • You have plenty of me-time to shop

  • You can get used to wearing your new nursing bra now

  • You can wear it immediately after your little one arrives

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Your breasts will change a lot during your pregnancy. Make an appointment with a lingerie stylist for a professional fitting and leave with your perfect bra size. This will help you find a comfortable nursing bra with the right support.

Buy more than one nursing bra

A second tip is to invest in a few high-quality nursing bras, as they’ll definitely come in handy. Why? Because leaking is inevitable when you're breastfeeding and it's nice to be able to swap a wet bra for a dry one. Think of your comfort and make sure you always have a back-up bra in your lingerie drawer.

Advantages of PrimaDonna Twist nursing bras

PrimaDonna Twist nursing bras offer the ultimate combination of comfort and fashion. Our unique and patented design is based on years of experience.

PrimaDonna Twist nursing bras:

  • have a comfortable fit

  • ensure optimum milk flow

  • provide excellent support

  • allow your baby to breathe freely

  • accommodate your growing breasts

  • are soft on your skin and your baby's skin

  • guarantee the right nipple position

In short, successful breastfeeding starts with a PrimaDonna Twist nursing bra.