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10 tips: How to build your lingerie wardrobe

Our lingerie stylist gives her top 10 tips on how to find your perfect bra and briefs... plus how to care for them! Discover her golden rules and styling advice that will help you build a beautiful lingerie wardrobe.

MJ Jane BDC slip - square

1. Invest in two briefs

Invest in 2 briefs for every bra you own. You can wear a bra for a couple of days so this means that you’ll always have a matching set to wear! Choose 2 different styles of briefs to make sure you’re covered for every outfit style.

Retail shoot - back band - square

2. Support system

80% of a bra’s support comes from the back band. Often people opt for a looser band as they think this will be more comfortable but actually this puts more pressure on the shoulders and causes discomfort. If your band rides up at the back, go down a size!

MJ Jadei OAI thong - square

3. Say no to VPL!

Say no to VPL! For more fitted clothes and thinner fabrics, avoid visible panty lines by opting for a thong or brief that has flat seams or embroidery.

Retail shoot - wires - square

4. Dress your bust

There is a method to putting your bra on correctly! Put your arms through the straps and fasten back band. Pull your breast tissue forward, making sure that your underwire is sitting behind all of your tissue and that it doesn’t dig in. Adjust straps so that there is a 2 finger depth between your strap and your shoulder. You’re ready to go!

MJ Melipha hotpants - square

5. It's under control

If you are conscious of your tummy area, a full brief encompasses your tummy and gives extra support. If you want a more playful look, a shorty style sits slightly higher on the tummy than some other styles.

TW Verao  balcony - square

6. Clever cleavage

Worried about lost volume? A balcony bra will lift your bust and add volume to the top part of the bust. Push up bras will also create the illusion of a fuller and firmer bust.

TW Petit Paris briefs - square

7. Comfort over everything

Briefs shouldn’t feel restrictive or cut in as you need to feel comfortable in them all day. Opt for a style with a wider waistband or styles that sit lower on the tummy if you prefer. We have a style for every body!

Retail shoot - straps - square

8. Strap stress

Are your straps always falling down? Full cup, plunge and push up bras have straps that sit closer to the neck and therefore there is less risk of them falling down. Balcony bras showcase more of your décolletage and the straps tend to sit further apart, towards the tip of the shoulder.

MJ Jereme SAF - square

9. Know your necklines

Different outfits require different bras. A balcony bra will sit beautifully underneath scoop and round necks whereas plunge and push up bras can also be worn underneath deep V-necks. Full cups provide optimum support but can come up higher in the cup, making them more suited to higher necklines.

Retail shoot - packaging - square

10. Treat with care

Treat your bras and briefs with care to keep them looking their best. It’s best to handwash these delicate items but if you prefer to machine wash, use a protective laundry bag and choose a short wash at 30°C or cooler.