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Are you wearing the right bra size? Find out with our six checks!

Research has shown that four out of five women are in the wrong bra size. Ouch! Prevent common bra woes and wear a bra that fits your body perfectly. How do you find it? With the help of our experienced lingerie stylists! The handy checklist in this blog post can help you get started.


1. Band

The band of your bra provides most of the support. In fact, it does 80% of the heavy lifting! If you have fuller breasts, you should pick a bra with a sturdy band. Make sure the band:

  • lies flat against the body
  • does not ride up
  • does not pinch
  • fits perfectly when fastened on the loosest hook

Raise your arms. Does your bra stay put? If so, the band is snug enough. Does it ride up? Then try a smaller band size.


2. Underwire

Make sure the underwire:

  • lays flat against your ribcage
  • cups your entire breast
  • does not poke into your underarms

Press on the underwire. Does it bounce back? Then the cups are probably too small.


3. Center gore

The center gore connects the two cups and should lie flat against your chest. If it doesn’t or if the ends of the underwire point away from the body, try a different bra style that better suits your frame or go up a cup size.


4. Cups

The fit of the cups determines the comfort and look of your bra. Make sure the cups:

  • lie flat against your breasts
  • do not pucker or pleat
  • provide good support
  • create a lovely rounded shape

5. Straps

Your bra straps only provide 10% of the support. That’s why tightening them won't create more lift. All it does is make them dig into your shoulders, which isn’t flattering at all. It’s also painful and can cause you to slouch over time. A good rule of thumb: You should be able to fit two fingers between the strap and your shoulder.

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6. Comfort

How does your bra make you feel? Comfortable and confident? If so, you're in the right size. But a bra should do even more than that. Make sure you’re happy with the:

  • fit
  • fabric
  • look

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